Hardwood Floor Installation in the BasementGive Correct Information on Hardwood Floor Installation in Specific Places

Before you make the hardwood floor installation in the basement of your customer’s house, you have to help him choose a special type of wood and the type of floor needed for this room. Typically, this won’t work simply because the customer has already made his choice of material by referring to the floor installer and he does not want to change his plans.
The fact is that customers always worry about how their home will look and how much money they must invest in the material and its installation. That’s why they start their project with the inspection of materials that are sold in stores.

Prepared for hardwood floor installation customers are the best

If a customer is lucky and he got a seller’s advice who understands installation tips, then you are lucky too. Why? A good salesperson can ask about the basement in the house and talk about the specifics of the floor installation in it. It will be easier to talk with a customer, even if he is partially prepared to talk, thanks to information already received.  You will both be on the same page. The client, prepared in advance, will feel better during your conversation.

But what if your client wants to go ahead and make hardwood floor installation in the basement, against all the rules? What if you advise him to change the material and he gets nervous? How do you convince the client that the selected type of wood is not suitable for his project?

In this case, ask about the level of moisture in the basement and ask how deep the groundwater is at the site where his house stands. Express your personal interest and help to save your customer’s investments. These questions will make the customer listen to your views. Now you are ready for action.

Check the moisture before hardwood floor installation

To check the moisture level in the basement, making only measurements is not sufficient, as excess moisture may accumulate there because of repairs in the house or for other reasons. You have to be exactly sure that your next advice on hardwood floor installation in the basement will be correct. Therefore, it is important to measure the level of moisture, and advise the customer to install air conditioning in the basement to collect it.

If after several days of continuous work the moisture level in the basement is above normal (12%), this means that the ground water is very close. Advise the customer to install material that is afraid of water such as bamboo. Currently in stores you can find several different shades of this material, so the appearance of the basement will not be affected.

After seeing the results of the air conditioner, the customer will more easily understand that his future floor requires the moisture-resistant barrier. Place a plastic film on the subfloor, then put in an underlay with poly, and then you are ready to install a floating floor.

In fact, hardwood floor installation in the basement is not such a difficult task. In addition, if the groundwater level is far away, installing hardwood in the basement is not required. If a customer wants to save on the cost of material, in this case, advise him to install a laminate, which also has a good appearance.
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Hardwood Floor Installation in the Basement: Give Your Suggestions to Customers

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