Prior to installing any type of the flooring, you must ensure that your subfloor is completely smooth, flat, and level. As you can imagine, walking barefoot day-by-day on your floor would be very uncomfortable if you could feel bumps and

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What our Client says

I am a professional floor installer. Watching videos about floor leveling on YouTube, I saw several times how other professionals use Tripods for their projects but wasn’t sure these tools are right for me. Finally, I bought 48 pcs Tripods and was pleasantly surprised that these tools not only saved my working time, but almost doubled my salary! In addition, I received a wonderful gift—a novelty of laser technology—a 4D laser level with 16 lines at 360 degrees! I could only dream about this gift! Many thanks!

Justin Vargas Canada

I am a physical education teacher. Having a small salary, I always have to do a lot of housework on my own, without inviting specialists. It makes our family budget cost-effective. Having acquired a small set of these unique tools, I killed two birds with one stone: leveling the subfloor in my house and earned money by leveling the subfloor for my neighbors! I am very pleased with this purchase!

John Kingsbury US

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