subfloor leveling tools - screed leveling tripods

Screed leveling tripods are manufactured from high-quality stainless still material and can be used for flowing concrete and plywood subfloor leveling screed. These quality items have an adjustable shaft to meet the required depth of material.
Our screed tripods include elongated zinc plated nut and shaft which helps to prolong the life of each tripod.


12 screed leveling tripods Pack 12
12 screed leveling tripods Pack 12

Screed leveling tripods for sale:

Item Dimensions 8″ x 8.4″

Item Weight – 1.42 pounds
Color – Black
Pack Bulk includes 12 items – CAD $349.95

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When you purchase Pack Bulk with 12 items, you’ll get the spiked roller and spiked shoes FOR FREE!


Spike roller and spike shoes special offer




6 screed leveling tripods Pack 6
6 screed leveling tripods Pack 6


You can watch how to use these tripods for a plywood subfloor leveling here: you have any questions about this screed leveling tripods and tools, you can leave your comments here:

Pack Bulk includes 6 items – CAD $199.95

FREE Shipping to US and Canada SHIPPING SAME DAY!

4D LASER LEVEL That’s a perfect tool for your concrete subfloor leveling. This tool is the only one that has a very low laser beam. His bottom laser transmitter is just 1/4 inch from the ground. It helps to find the low and high spots for leveling areas very easily. Additional pros for this pack are two batteries. They give you the possibility to work for extended run-time. This 4D laser tool provides lines on all walls in the room.Pulse mode extends laser range up to 200 ft. This laser tool has a remote control which lets you do distance work.4D Laser LevelThe kit has a hard carry case bringing much more convenience to carry and store the laser tool.Whole Set – CAD $299.95




Screed Leveling Tripods (12-Pack Bulk)