Prior to installing any type of the flooring, you must ensure that your subfloor is completely smooth, flat, and level. As you can imagine, walking barefoot day-by-day on your floor would be very uncomfortable if you could feel bumps and unevenness underneath, hence the need for levelling the subfloor.


Simple installation with no special training or even experience! Anyone can use our TRIPODs with success, the first time!


Oxidation resistant material: Made from quality oxidation resistant materials including special metal alloys our TRIPODs are equipped with a special plate which indicates the maximum level of the concrete floor levelling compound being poured and also makes Tripods stay firmly in the place until you remove them.


Using this unique tool for your concrete or wood subfloor levelling you need not hire a professional! For example, if you need to fill out 1000 sq.ft. of a subfloor by 1/4 inch, you would have to pay to a specialist around $4000-$5000. But with our TRIPODs this job will now cost you only the price of the TRIPOD and the floor levelling compound!


One of the biggest advantages of our Tripods is that you can use them multiple times! This means that you can use them in every single room, bathroom, kitchen, also for several other projects over and over again for years to come!

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