How to Clean Hardwood FloorsRead this article if you want to know how to clean hardwood floors. For more confidence in your actions, also learn how to avoid some of the floor damage and how to behave if they already have occurred.

Your beautiful floor is constantly in danger. People place bags on the floor, pets walk on it, and children often drop their toys and other items on it. Anybody can pour water or other liquid on the floor by accident. Thus, your floor needs constant inspection to prevent serious damage.

One of the biggest challenges for hardwood is a liquid. How do you clean hardwood floors, if they are wet? When you notice the wet spot, dry it with a soft cloth or paper towel immediately. Just dry it, and do not swirl the cloth around! If this liquid was milk, juice, wine, or anything other than water), after removing the liquid, gently wipe the stain with a damp cloth or towel. Thoroughly rinse and wring the cloth if necessary. After such a cleaning, wipe the damaged area with a dry cloth.

If the damaged spot is still sticky, wait until it dries, and then use a damp mop. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the top layer of hardwood – finish. In addition, you can use a damp mop, if your floor contains a good finish. To do this, make a special blend. Add ½ cup mild detergent to one gallon of water. A mop should be slightly damp. After you are done wet cleaning, wipe the damaged area with a dry towel.

If none of these methods of cleaning your hardwood floor works, consider contacting a professional house cleaning company. A reputable and knowledgeable house cleaner will know how to easily remove the stain from you hardwood floors without harming them.

If the spill has caused considerable damage to the top layer of hardwood, use fine sand paper. Sand damaged area easily, than put new finish. Do not use wax finish over a surface finish. To do this, you should know the type of finish on your hardwood well.

If you have manufactured flooring, to know all the details on how to clean hardwood floors, strictly follow the instructions that you can find either on the packaging material, or on the website of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require avoiding cleaning the floor with water or use any detergents.

Hardwood protection from damage – it is also your concern for it. Use non marking floor protectors for the legs of your furniture. You can also protect your floor from damage of wheels. You only need to find the right size and style of protectors that will be perfect for your furniture.

To answer the main question about how to clean hardwood floors, first of all learn how to take care of it. Using a soft vacuum nozzle cleaner regularly remove dust and other small dirt from the surface of the hardwood. Do not walk on it in street shoes. Protect from moisture and exposure to direct sunlight.

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