If you plan to make concrete floor leveling in your home or apartment you need three main things:
In this short article I share with you tips on what kind of tools you need to make concrete floor leveling.
After reading a list of the necessary tool you may realize that part of them you have in your garage or storage and another part of it you need to buy in the local stores.
Here is a set of simple tools for liquid concrete floor leveling:

A hand scraper. You can use it for old paint and little bumps removing.
To clean up the concrete surface you will need to use a broom.
Before you install a concrete floor leveling compound you must check your concrete level with leveler or piece of rope. If you have a laser – this is the best tool to find out low and high spots on you concrete floor.
If you want to save your walls from the dust and liquid concrete floor leveling underlayment, I recommend using a paper roller.

Also you’ll need: one empty bucket and a paint roller for a primer and another one for concrete self leveling compound.
One handle for different stuff.
A Mixer
A drill
A trowel
A spike roller
Raining shoes
Gunite shoes
Watch this and other videos from MrYoucandoityourself about how to make a concrete floor leveling and you’ll get additional info about this topic.

Concrete Floor Leveling Tools