It is not my first time when I show to my customers how to level a floor under existing hardwood floor. Almost every project is different. A customer decided to save money on concrete floor leveling and hire a cheap guy for this job.
After the hardwood floor had installed a sander guy started working. Because of the bad concrete leveling a sander drum cut too much wood on the top of flooring around the door area.

How to fix it?

Well, we have to remove part of hardwood floor, add some leveling compound, and wait for its drying (few days). Then we can install new pieces of hardwood flooring.

Everybody was rushing: the customer, sander guy and finishing worker. How to fix this problem in a short time? I got an idea to fix it with cork underlayment. It was very fast and funny. Start watching the series of four videos “How to Level a Floor with Cork Underlayment” and leave your opinion.

How to Level a Floor under Hardwood Flooring