How to Clean Hardwood FloorsLearning How to Clean Hardwood Floor

Learning how to clean a hardwood floor is not a difficult task at all. The process is just the same as it would be with any other floors, but with some exceptions.

Aside from the fact that hardwood floors really give a stunning look in your house; it is easy to install and to take care of. Sometimes, even simple dust or grime particles can leave scratches on it and may spoil the beauty of the floor. 

You should know the proper tools or supplies to use, how often to do the cleaning and be familiar with the objects that may harm wooden floors. Guidelines on how to clean a hardwood floor entirely depends on the floor finish, whether it is polyurethane coated or wax-based, and not on the wood type. Large portion of the hardwood floors today are sealed with polyurethane, which is a durable coating.

Below are three easy steps on how to clean a hardwood floor and make it look new for many years to come.

• Dust off the entire hardwood floors using a soft, fine bristle broom to remove any kind of dust particles and other coarse residues that may scratch the floor. When using a vacuum cleaner, be sure to use soft brush attachment for the same reason.

• For a polyurethane sealed floor, you can use a mixture of one gallon warm water and half cup of vinegar. For waxed wood floors, just plain water will do. For both types of finish, use a dry, damp household mop. Don’t soak the floor with water to avoid the damage that excess water can do to the floor. Liquids that sneak into cracks can cause the wood floor to expand and the finish to lift.

There are instances where vinegar can hardly remove stains and dirt such as blood, tea, coffee and grease. This requires professional wood floor cleaners available in the market designed for those types of floor tarnishes. Be cautious and read instructions properly before using the product or else, improving the look of your floor will turn out the other way around.

• Dry the hardwood using a towel or a mop. Repeat weekly for a floor that will look at its best. Mopping everyday is not advisable as this may ruin or even rot the floor.

More than learning the basic procedures on how to clean a hardwood floor is finding ways to protect it from the possible damages that our daily routine may cause. For instance, minimize dust and grimes by placing foot mats at all entryway where family members and visitors can wipe their feet before entering.

Don’t forget to put a rug in an area where there is a possibility of water spills just like in kitchen sink area. Keep sharp objects away from your floors and trim pet’s nail regularly. Lastly, hardwood fades with time. And its exposure to sunrays speeds up the process of aging just like our skin. Thus, it is advisable to switch furniture regularly to allow hardwood floors age evenly.

In the long run, being equipped with even simple ideas or tips on how to clean a hardwood floor would be a great help in your savings. It will lower the possibility of serious dents that will surely require major repairs. All you need is to keep those hands busy. Love your floor and it will surely serve you longer.

How To Clean A Hardwood Floor – Easy As 1, 2 3!