How to Clean Hardwood FloorsHow to clean hardwood floors to protect your new investment?  What is the best way to clean the hardwood?  My clients almost always ask me these questions at the end of installation. Well, keep reading this article, the answer is ahead.

Hardwood may remain in your home an average of 25 years, provided that you will always take care of it.  To maintain it as long as possible and to keep it in good shape, you will need to get acquainted with the floor care professionals and their products. But above all, I recommend asking how you can protect your wood floor from damage.

Hardwood is very sensitive to different contaminants. Even tiny dirt particles trapped on the surface of the wood that go unnoticed are able to inflict harm in the scratches. Then you need the floor care products. And if the damage is very serious you have to hire your floor installer to replace damaged boards.

To avoid this, I recommend you to use small rugs at the entrance to each room where you can carefully wipe your feet.  Also ask your guests to do it. Try as often as possible to shake out the rugs, thereby freeing them from the unwanted garbage that accidentally may be on your beautiful floor.  Wipe the accumulated dust with a mop with a rotating head, which is worn with a soft cloth. This is best done with the products of “Bona.” And if you’re using a vacuum, be sure to use the softest tip.  To remove debris, dirt and dust accumulated in the hard to reach places and small cracks, use a very narrow tip, and do it very carefully.

Also, avoid contact with water or any liquid on your new hardwood. Of course, it is strong enough, but very afraid of water.  And even so, no matter how you try not to litter or pour liquids, to maintain the original beauty of your hardwood, you need the floor care products.  Usually, when buying material for the installation, you can find detailed instructions on how to clean hardwood floors directly on the package. Many manufacturers of your hardwood did not forget about taking care of your investment.

Each type of wood and varnish covering it, has its own care products. Using them, you must strictly follow the instructions written on their packaging. As a rule, they should be used no more than once a month, more frequently in case of emergency.

If you have installed in your home hardwood for the first time, be sure to check out not only all methods of care, but also what your brand new floor does not like.

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